Tips on Handicapping Track Records and Scams\

Handicapping is the art of predicting the result of an event for the wagering purposes. In this article we will look at handicapping track records and why you need to know about them when choosing a handicapper.


No matter what offer, purchase or investment you’re considering, you’ll want to check the reputation of the party you are dealing with. This is as true for handicapping as for any other business. If you want to be sure that a handicapper is legitimate, you have to check their background and track record.

Honest handicappers should monitor all picks they sell to customers or have third-party monitoring service to do it for them. And it must be a long-term track record for it to be of any use to you. Why? Because anyone can have short winning streaks in any gambling game or event. Even an unskilled gambler can make random picks and win consecutively in the short term. For a handicapper to be of use to you, they must have proof of a successful long term track record. Ideally, the track record should go back all the way to the time when the handicapper started their business.


In the event that a handicapper has no impressive long term track record to show, it is a strong indication that their picks don’t make money in the long run. It does not necessarily mean they are scammers however. The truth is that very few handicappers, even legitimate ones, are very successful in the business. That is just the way sports betting is. However if a handicapper is purposefully hiding long term records from you, avoid them.

If all that a handicapper can show you are short-term records, don’t be fooled. As already said, anyone can bet accurately for a short period before the tide turns. Most folks who get amazing-looking winning streaks don’t tell you how many times they missed before they got it right. Short-term records should not be taken very seriously. They are there to sell the handicapper’s business after all.


Another thing to watch out for with handicapping records is the monitoring services. Some unscrupulous handicappers pay such services to produce fake records for them. Further they can post supposed records of imaginary handicappers that do poorly compared with the “real” handicappers who pay them for the rankings. So make sure that the monitoring service is reliable and independent.


Go to Internet forums and read articles about handicapping. Learn about realistic handicapping odds. Ask about reputable handicappers from people who have tried them. Research handicapping scams. Educate yourself. – it’s the best protection.

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